LaroFelix Member replied

166 weeks ago

Ya'hallo! Laro Felix here. I'm 26 and live in Hawaii on the US Navy's dime. :)

I'll keep this simple I guess. I main bard and try to keep my drg comparable but haven't been able to play much since I joined the Navy last year. Hmm, for those who may wonder why I'm gone for half of the evening, I'm 6 hours behind the US East coast.

If you ever need help with a dungeon or duty finder run, feel free to ask me. I just like playing with friends. Hope to be here in Madain Sari for a long time. :)

skype info: Terrell Spearman (laro.felix)

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Voltaic Bolt Member replied

166 weeks ago

Hey guys! I finally created an account here and will be joining you from now on. ^^
You better realize how much effort I'm putting in for you guys.
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